Lauren Lavitt is a Los Angeles native who works in mixed media.  She grew up working in her family’s San Fernando Valley flower shop. Lavitt received a BFA from Otis College of Art and Design and her MFA from UCLA. She is a recipient of the Abbey Award, a nine-month residency at the British School at Rome. In addition to her art practice, she teaches Studio Art, Digital Photography, Video, Painting, and Drawing, along with Art Appreciation and Design at various levels – elementary through college. Lavitt and her husband opened HannaH Hanson Gallery that supports local artists. 

Artist Statement

I grew up in a floral immersed world, unwrapping, cleaning, and arranging flowers at my family’s flower shop in the San Fernando Valley. l loved spending mornings sweeping wet brick floors and discovering the detritus: cut stems, wet foam bricks, tired newspapers, and lost petals. Experimenting with the discarded artifacts of our flower shop floor became the flashpoint for my art. Flowers and there symbolism are frequently visited themes in my work along with Birth, Love, and Death. I work with a variety materials to make sculptures, paintings, photographs, installations, drawings, and videos; using whichever medium best represents my current concept.

Using Format